35 mile ride, mostly on the springwater corridor

Rode almost 35 miles today. Met with my friend Kristine over on the 205. We rode to the springwater cooridor trail and out to Linnemann Station in Gresham. I think I was about ready for a nap by the time we stopped. But I managed to make it back home just fine. Now I’m thinking about taking a nap.  I actually *chose* to ride down the steep hill near the 205 and 84 knowing I’d have to ride right back up after meeting up.

Today I chose to ditch using the MapMyRide app for my android and use the google My Tracks app instead.  It worked like a charm.  So, until MapMyRide figures out what’s up with their app, I’m sticking with My Tracks.  Easy to upload and repost on my blog too.  🙂

View 03/25/2012 11:32 AM Springwater in a larger map

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35 mile ride on springwater corridor, Portland Oregon

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