Oregon Coast Loop Bike Ride : Day 2 : 75 Miles from Corvalis (County Fairgrounds) to Lincoln City (Devils Lake State Park)

This day was one of my favorites.   Started out with a lot of truck/semi traffic, but in the beginning there were wide enough shoulders to deal with it.  So may points on this map that Google had to divide it into two sections.


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 Oregon Coast Loop : Day 2

Once we got up into the hills, there was a really nice stretch of skinny road next to a railroad track.  Very light traffic, lots of trees/shade.

Oregon Coast Loop : Day 2 : 2013-08-19


At mile 24, the road turned to gravel, and we had to wait for our Adventure Cycling guides to give us a short 2 mile ride to the other side.

2013-08-19 Oregon Cost Loop, waiting for a ride


This poor snake was still alive, but his insides were his outsides.  He was trying to get off the road.

2013-08-19 Broken Snake


Not too far later we took a little break to enjoy some of the many blackberries growing on this path.

2013-08-19 Blackberries

Not too far after this we had a close call with a semi.  The support vehicle was passing us just before a hill & corner, and the semi behind him thought he would pass as well.  No a bright decision as another semi was coming around the corner/hill.   The oncoming semi was honking and yelling and it was slightly stressful.  We pulled through okay though.

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 Oregon Coast Loop : Day 2 : Map

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