Itinerary for epic solo bike ride

I can’t get Google maps to place the route precisely the way I want with an embedded map, and it won’t do it on a single map.  So I’ve created a couple of links to the tentative route and will simply have to list my destinations until I can get my Android app to record the journey.

First Map is here.
Second Map is here.

The tentative and flexible plan.

Day 1 (8/1) : From Host Pond to L.L. Stub Stewart State Park
Day 2 (8/2) : From L.L. Stub Steward State Park to Skamokawa Vista Park
Day 3 (8/3) : From Skamokawa Vista Park to Bruceport Park
Day 4 (8/4) : From Bruceport Park to Pacific Beach State Park
Day 5 (8/5) : From Pacific Beach State Park to Kalalock Campground
Day 6 (8/6) : From Kalalock Campground to Strawberry Point (or Bay)
                     Possible swim across Hoh River, instead of road to bridge.
                     Happy Birthday to me, by the way.
Day 7 (8/7) : From Strawberry Point to West side of Ozette Lake
Day 8 (8/8) : West side of Ozzette Lake somewhere (Tskawahyah Island?)
Day 9 (8/9) : Hobuck Beach Resort
Day 10 (8/10) : Pickup somewhere, or ride into Seattle

 Pacific Northwest Trail - Epic Bike Route

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