Itinerary for epic solo bike ride

I can’t get Google maps to place the route precisely the way I want with an embedded map, and it won’t do it on a single map.  So I’ve created a couple of links to the tentative route and will simply have to list my destinations until I can get my Android app to record the journey.

First Map is here.
Second Map is here.

The tentative and flexible plan.

Day 1 (8/1) : From Host Pond to L.L. Stub Stewart State Park
Day 2 (8/2) : From L.L. Stub Steward State Park to Skamokawa Vista Park
Day 3 (8/3) : From Skamokawa Vista Park to Bruceport Park
Day 4 (8/4) : From Bruceport Park to Pacific Beach State Park
Day 5 (8/5) : From Pacific Beach State Park to Kalalock Campground
Day 6 (8/6) : From Kalalock Campground to Strawberry Point (or Bay)
                     Possible swim across Hoh River, instead of road to bridge.
                     Happy Birthday to me, by the way.
Day 7 (8/7) : From Strawberry Point to West side of Ozette Lake
Day 8 (8/8) : West side of Ozzette Lake somewhere (Tskawahyah Island?)
Day 9 (8/9) : Hobuck Beach Resort
Day 10 (8/10) : Pickup somewhere, or ride into Seattle

 Pacific Northwest Trail - Epic Bike Route

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2 Responses to Itinerary for epic solo bike ride

  1. Maria says:

    WOW! I’m so excited for you (jealous too). What a great plan. I know you’ll have an awesome adventure. Take care and have fun!

  2. Patricia says:

    Cool. Be careful. I’m surprised you swim with your bike and gear… Not sure how that works. Be sure to call. We’ll call you when you’re mid river to sing Happy Birthday “Dad”. Lol. Have fun.

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