Oregon Coast Loop Bike Ride : Day 5 : 77 Miles : From Florence (Honeyman) to Eugene.

Up ay 6am and packing. It’s a bit chilly and wet. So thankful for the cooking of Kathy this morning. Eggs and french toast.  Divided Google map is at the bottom due to a technical glitch it’s in two parts.


Only 3 miles in to the bridge over Siuslaw and another flat for Michelle. At least the coffee roaster was near by.


Mile 15.7

Mile 20ish. Farnham rest stop. Maintained a good 17 to 19 mph the whole way out. Wide shoulder. But it was wet the entire way. May be finally drying up. These houses above are dotted along the river.

5 miles later we start the climb (25.13). Actually it wasn’t a difficult climb at all. Very gradual.

Mile 43 is blackberries. Mmmmm

Pulled into Triangle Lake late. We’re pulling up the rear and missed all the good food. Darned flat tire. 🙁

Alderwood at 56.6. Last ones in again. This time we arrived to applause and “Here they are.” comments.

After this, we put it in high gear. We were hitting 18 and 19 mph for much of the last bit of ride into Eugene. Passed 4 riders to not finish last. 🙂

And this little guy was at the finish line for good luck.


Part one of the Google Map.
View 08/23/2013 7:40am Oregon Coast Loop : Day 5 Part 1 in a larger map

Part two of the Google Map.
View 12/31/2004 4:05pm Oregon Coast Loop Day 5 Part 2 in a larger map



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Oregon Coast Loop : Day 5 part 1 : Map

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