Oregon Coast Loop Bike Ride : Day 1 : 48 Miles from Eugene (Armitage County Park) to Corvalis (County Fairgounds)

Awesome ride through corn fields, pumpkin patches, ranches with cows and horses, and the smell of mint all through. It was cool up until just before we arrived at our camp area at Benton County Fairgrounds.

I suspect I/hope I’m ready for the 75 mile hilly ride tomorrow.

Matched my overall speed record of 40 miles per hour today!

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Bicycle ArtworkThere was this bicycle artwork at the Alpine Community Center where we stopped off to sunscreen up.  Stopped and chatted with one of the support crew from another local ride.  He recommended visiting a closeby waterfall, but we opted to not add another 20 to 30 miles to our ride for the day.

Oregon Coast Loop Dead Possum My phone/camera memory card crapped out on me this evening.  And it appears that me taking this picture of a dead possum is the corrupt image that killed it.  Thankfully I took two pictures, so I actually preserved one pic of it.  Too bad I couldn’t get the Vulture on camera that was eating on it before we pulled up.





Oregon Coast Loop - Eugene to CorvalisMap is for Facebook to grab as the icon.


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